Irish Times: Information Flatulence

Karen Lillington wrote a phenomenal article for the Irish Times titled “Information Flatulence“. Great title, too  - am pretty sure it’s taken from the book, now that I immodestly think about it …

It’s fascinating to see how various countries are viewing “the experiment.” I’ve had mail from China, Poland, Spain, Chile, Korea, Turkey, Hungary … and  Brazil, where the publishing rights have just been sold. There’s no doubt about it. Sometimes technology really can be our friend.

Information Flatulence
Karen Lillington

WHEN TWO small girls, aged 10 and 12, were trapped in a storm drain in Australia in 2009 they might easily have perished. Fortunately, they had their mobile phones with them and immediately sought help – by updating their status on their Facebook pages. Lucky for them, a schoolfriend quickly saw the update, the authorities were notified and they all lived happily ever after.

The story, one of many amusingly telling yet quietly alarming anecdotes in Susan Maushart’s The Winter of Our Disconnect , perfectly illustrates her starting premise that Digital Natives – those children and young adults who have never known anything but a life with their faces turned towards screens and the internet – think and act differently from those of us who can remember a world before “friend” became a verb.

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